Broken inside...

I guess that day was the day
The day that I fell apart...
That day everything fell apart
Friends let you down
Can´t trust them all
When is it ever going to stop hurting in my heart?
I can´t take so much more
How much is one person suppose to take?
How am I supposed to live without you?
Will you be gone forever? I´m lost and alone
When you walked out that door you left a whole in my heart
Please forgive me for feeling this way...almoste in love
Will my heart be whole again? Can it? Can time heal?
Will I cry forever?
Can I wake up I might be dreaming?
Will my heart ever stop bleeding?
I guess wishes don´t come true
I can´t take the pain anymore
Is this a neverending dream?
Because if it is it´s not funny
I wanna wake up out of this nightmare
Everyday I pretend I´m okej
Even if I say I´m okej I´m not
Is nothing impossible?
Can I find my way back to the place where I can dream again?
Where I can be with you
And you love me
How am I supposed to carry on?
I don´t wanna know the price I have to pay for dreaming.

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