I´m just a sad song

You and I.
When we were together I was fine.
Like all the missing pieces of my heart, they finally collide
Please stop the time right in the moonlight.
Cause I don´t ever wanna close my eyes
Without you I feel so broke.
Like I´m half of a whole.
Without you, I´ve got no hand to hold.
Without you I feel so torn.
Like a sail in the storm.
Without you, I feel like I´m just a sad song
It´s like I´m leaving all my past in silhouettes up on the wall
With you I´m a beautiful mess
It´s like I´m standing alone with all my fears up on te edge.
Without you I feel so broke.
Like I´m half of a whole.
Without you, I´ve got no hand to hold.
Without you I feel so torn.
Like a sail in the storm.
Without you, I feel like I´m just a sad song
You´re the perfect meldoy
The only harmony.
I wanna hear
You´re my favorite part of me
With you standing next to me
I´ve got nothing to fear

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