I wanna say it someday

You're amazing
I adore your every move 
Infatuated by every little thing you do
My heart's on fire 
And it's melting into you
I have to be true
I'm afraid to say it, say it
But I really truly feel it
There's no way I can ignore it, right? 
There's too many sign pointing right at you
I've gotta say it someday
Don't want you slipping away
I've have to stop thinking and just say it
I just can't ignore it. 
You're so graceful
You've got me hanging here and I'm lost for words
Intoxicated can't get enough of what I've heard of your accent
The search is over 
'Cause I can see myself with you 
It's gotta be you
I didn't think I would lose control 
But you're speaking straight into my soul
I don't ever wanna let this feeling go
That's why I'm gonna tell you someday...soon

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