Do you still think of me?

I can't control my feelings 
I can't control all my toughts 
I'm staring at the ceiling 
Wondering how I got so cold
You're always in my toughts 
For more reasons than just one
But I can't just stop
You're not aware of my existence 
You don't know I'm still here 
You're the centre of attention
I can't control the atmosphere 
Because you're so busy being busy
I don't want to interfere 
But I can't stop thinking of that time
So I'll remain within your reign 
Until my thoughts can travel somewhere new
My mind is blind to everything but you
And I wonder if you wonder about me too
If we two were stop talking 
I don't know what I'd do 
The future far less daunting 
Walking into it with you
I won't drink 'til I can't think
( Lite omgjord ifrån originaltexten ) 

Family tree

No I didn't ask for this 
Nobody ever would 
Caught in the middle of this dysfunction 
It's my sad reality
It's my messed up family tree 
All I'm left with is all this questions that I can't answer.
Will I ever get answers? 
Am I gonna be the same as the rest of you? 
Do I have to carry what they've handed down? 
No this is probably not my legacy
This is not my destiny 
And yesterday does not define me
No this is probably not my legacy
This is not my meant to be 
Can you break the chains that bind me? 
Do you have a dream for me? 
Is it better than where I´ve been before? 
Is it bigger than my imagination? 
Am I gonna find real love?
Will I change the course of generations? 
Can I restore?
All that is broken?
Am I loved? 
And just like the seasons change 
Winter into spring
I'm bringing new life into my family tree now 
No, I don't think this is my legacy
Or that this is my destiny 
Yesterday did not define me at all
No I don't think this is my legacy
This is probably not my meant to be
Can you break the chains that bind me? 
( Lite omgjord ifrån originaltexten ) 

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