Do you still think of me?

I can't control my feelings 
I can't control all my toughts 
I'm staring at the ceiling 
Wondering how I got so cold
You're always in my toughts 
For more reasons than just one
But I can't just stop
You're not aware of my existence 
You don't know I'm still here 
You're the centre of attention
I can't control the atmosphere 
Because you're so busy being busy
I don't want to interfere 
But I can't stop thinking of that time
So I'll remain within your reign 
Until my thoughts can travel somewhere new
My mind is blind to everything but you
And I wonder if you wonder about me too
If we two were stop talking 
I don't know what I'd do 
The future far less daunting 
Walking into it with you
I won't drink 'til I can't think
( Lite omgjord ifrån originaltexten ) 

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