Could you take care of my broken soul?

Wrapped up and so consumed by all this hurt in my life. 
If you ask me what's wrong, I don't know where to start. 
Anger and confusion
Rolls around in my head
Roads that go nowhere
I know that somewhere else is better
Cause you could take me there
Can I come to you with my broken faith? 
And give me more than a hand to hold?
Catch me before I hit the ground? 
Please can you tell me I'm safe in your arms and that you got me now? 
Would you take the wheel, if I lose control?
If I'm lying here, will you take me home? 
Could you take care of my broken soul?
Will you take me home?
If they hold a gun to my head and count 1,2,3 
It helps me to walk away and never go back 
That's what I need. 'Cause I see that you are fake
Every minute it's get's easier the more you talk to me
You rationalize my darkest thoughts
You set them free and put them far away from me

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