Real life fairy tale?

You ran around inside my head, when you passed out,
I felt dead, and I realized you make me live,
And when my world starts to cave in,
You jump inside and take my hand...
No matter where, you are there....

Will I ever see what you could see in me,
Or do I just believe that we will always be
and dream.
Well I will never be the same and when they see that you and me 
are we meant to be? 

You are my firend,
You are my light,
You are my star,
You are my sunshine and my dark,
You are the everything I dreamed about...
You are the guy who stole my heart
Can I be the girl you are fighting for?
Is this a real live fairy tale?

I thought that I would be alone,
You caught my eye and I was home,
And I realized that this is love.
I see the world with different eyes,
I look at you by my side,
No matter where you're always there.

Dream with me....
Make me believe....
That this is a real life fairy tale?

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