My way back...

If I look inside my heart
Do I have to be afraid of who I am?
Is there an answer?
If I reach into my soul
And the sorrow that I know 
Will it melt away?
Can I find the strength to carry on?
Do I know if I will survive?
Now when I feel that hopw i gone
Should I look inside me and be strong?
Will I finally see the truth?
Is there an hero somewhere inside of me?
It´s a long road
When I face the world alone
And no one reaches out a hand for me to hold
Can I find love?
If I search within myself
And will the emptiness I feel inside disappear?
Everybody knows
Dreams is hard to follow
But I shoud never let anyone tear them away
Should I hold on?
There will be tomorrow in time
Will I find the way back to the place where I can dream again?

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