About me

Is it someone out there who´s just like me?

Are that someone trying to find their place?

Trying to not cry besaue tha thoughts she have about everyting.

Trying to fins their way?

Trying to find their self?

Trying to find out if the lika a guy or not?

Can´t that person take the time to find out if she maybe like the guy?

If that person has that thought and feeling are that person just lika me.

Is it normal that you can´t be the one you want?

Will it be an happy ending?

Are you everyting I want but I just don´t know it yet?

I´m I different?

Do they even know me for who I really am?

Are we ment to be?

Everyone I know treat me like we are together so are we ment to be?

Or will the feelings fade away?

Or will it take four years like the last time?

Can I really count om my friends this time?

Do I just need a little more time?

Does you make me feel so strong if I´ll let you?

Can you drown out the croud if you hold me near?

Will you be there for me and love me every day?

Do I want you in my life?

Do I just wanna be with you?

Can I turn around and feel that is real?

Can I turn around to you and see that it´s real?

Did I loved you from the start?

If I come to you can you make everyting right?

Will I regret If I let you walk away?

Are you the only one that really know me at all?

Are that just a empty space in my heart right now?

If you´ll turn around you will see my cry and I don´t want that.

I just need I memory of your face to just save the rest of my day.

If that´s true do i really like you?

Do I deserv the love you can give me?

Do you make me feel alive?

Do I have someting to prove to you?

Can I go through this again or should I just go?

You always on my mind you have to believe thats right.

Will it be allright? Whatever it is?

If I close my eyes and give you my hand and hug you will I hear you heart breating?

When a person are in love is it like touch the moonlight?

Are you feeling that you´re dreaming?

How can I really ecsplane when you look at me everyting becomes very clear.

Anywhere there you are that is the place that i wanna be.

I sa an angel of that I´m shoure tha angel smile at me.

Are you a minute away from walking so you can´t be my man?

Why do you have to be so cute?

It´s impossible to ignore you.

Must you make me laugh so much?

Why do I have to think that I´m alone?

I´m I alone?

When I want it the most there´s no easy way out when I´m ready to go I can´t cuz my heart´s left in doubts.

My life is empty with no tomorrow end my tears are starting to fall.

Do I have to give up on my faith?

Is that´s just the way it is?

I just don´t wanna wait another day.

I opend my eyes I tryied to se but I´m blind.

I just can´t stand the pain or make it go away.

I think of you the way you´re gone.

I used to be so strong.

Now I can´t breath and I can´t sleep.

Broking up deep inside.

I´m torn in peaces can´t denil is can´t pretend.

Seeing you It kills me now.

I don´t wanna let you go do I have to?

I´m I a surviver?

Is this the end?

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