Everytime the same :'(

I´m I awake or is it just a dream?

I open up my eyes and you aren´t here by my side

It´s never easy bein´ away from you
So please don´t say noting that your leaving because of me

One thought of you, boy and now I´m all choked up.

I can´t get enough there´s someting about you

Maybe the way you move,the smile on your face?

You break my heart into two everytime you walk away

I always told myself I´d never cry over you

But it´s hard to hold back tears when your fears comes true

I´m here and I´m lonely and I missing you

Everytime you walk away my heart goes with you.

Everytime you walk away my heart´s turn into two

Is there someting I can say?

Do you have a plan?

'Cuz my heart can´t stand the pain

Everytime you walk away

Last night I was thinking about that you´re lying here next to me.

Why do you want to make me cry?

I need to know why I have this pain inside of me?

I want that all days can be perfect

I just can´t stand the pain anymore
My heart´s turn into two

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