Will I always be one of those who have a lost soul?
Who haven´t find their self?
Who haven´t find that special one to love?
Or do I just don´t feel loved?
Can you help so my soul don´t feel lost anymore?
Should I stop hiding my heart?
Should I let go of the dark weight I caring around?
I know darkness don´t have answers
I don´t want anyone to see me like this vulnerable
No one have ever really seen it before so why should they now?
Should I let go of all the anger?
Should I show everybody who I really am?
Can you feel my heart beating out of my cheast?
Or did someone swept my heart away?
Did you?
They who believe that love is entirely overrate have entirely wrong
The only thing that is wrong with love,trust and confidencs is not having that.
To all those lost souls who have forgotten to believe in the immensty of love.

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