Don´t leave me please...

I miss you so bad
I don´t forget you
It´s so sad
Hope you can hear me
Remember it clearly
That was the day you slipped away
I wish you that I could again
But I know that I can´t
Hope you can hear me
That was the day I found out it wont be the same
I can´t take it
I wasen´t fake it
Now you´re gone
There you go somewhere and you don´t coming back
That day I realize I will miss you forever...

Postat av: sandraa

söt blogg du har=)

kolla gärna in min!!

2009-05-23 @ 16:34:32
Postat av: Anonym

fin blogg! kolla gärna in min blogg och lämna en kommentar! :) kram

2009-05-23 @ 16:40:18

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