Something about you...

I could talk to you for days, you make me laugh one thousand ways.
And I realize now, you fill me up
Like hot water in a tea cup.
I´m enchanted by your smile.
I must admit it took a while
For me to see that ( this was something)

I hope to God you feel the way I feel
'Cuz this could bo amazing something super real.
There´s something about you and you don´t even know it.
I´m telling you now that you got me good.
There´s something about you and I can´t help but show it
And I can´t explain it. It´s just a feeling I have inside.

Your style, Your voice, Your points of view,
The good The bad and ugly too
Boy I´ll take it give it to me. I´ll be careful
Now I´m alone but with you I´m whole
I gotta let you know You got me good.

I just wanna be you all and all
I just wanna be the one to make you fall
I wanna take you away I want you to be for me
I want you here with me Be my holiday
Let me take you away there´s something about you

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