The silecne

You lift me up you knock me down.
I´m never sure just what to feel when I´m around you
I speak my heart but don´t know why
Cause you don´t never really say what´s on your mind

It´s like I´m walking on broken glass
I wanna know but I don´t wanna ask

So say you love me or say you need me
Don´t let the silence do the talking
Just say you want me or you don´t need me
Don´t let the silence do the talking

It´s killing me the silence

You let me in. But sometimes your empty eyes just make me feel so cold inside.
When I´m with you It´s rolling dice
Don´t know where or how you´re gonna make me cry

'Cause once you say it you can´t take it back
And this the end and please just fake it fast

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