Maybe it was you..

I thought I saw you today.
It locked exactly like you.
So handsome and cutr like no one else could.
If I could I would kiss you on these perfect lips that I kissed before.
A kiss that was so perfect.
That I wanted to kiss you over and over again.
Do you know you got the power to make me weak inside?
And boy you leave me breathless.
But it's ok
Cause you are my survival.
Now please hear me when I say.
I can't imagine a life without you in it.
And even forever seem so long in my head.
I feel safe when your arms are around me.
Don't need another lifeline.
Cause only you can save me.
All those thoughts go through my mind when I see you or hear your name.
It's not funny anymore.
I don't wanna have these feelings if you don't even know I have them or feel the same way about me.
It's hard everyday because deep deep inside I miss you so much.
And I want you in my life.
Because you make me strong and I feel like I belong somewhere.
I feel like I can be myself with you.
And I have feelt like this so long
From the first day I met you.

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