Broken Arrow

What do you do then you´re stuck?
Because the one that you love
Are not around anymore
And you can´t deal with the pain
And you don´t trying to fix me
I´ll find the piece that I´m missing
But I still miss him
And you´re sitting in the front row
Wanna me the first in line
Waiting by my window
Giving me all your time
You could be my hero
If only I could let go
But my feelings for him is still in me
Like a broken arrow

He´s stealing my breath when he´s around
And now you´re trying to convice me
He wasn´t worth it
But you can´t complete me
It´s the thought that he´s missing
I miss him I´m missing him
What do you do then your heart´s in two places?
But you just can´t embrace it
When you found the right one at the wrong time

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