Can still...

I can still hear your voice in my head
I can still remember the last words you said to me.
It´s knock in my head every day
Because I miss you so with every heartbeat and mu whole soul
But now can´t I tell you that
All I can do is watch pictures and remember the person yo used to be
Someone so importent to me
Someone I could be myself with
I didn´t have to pretend
But now is´t the end of that
Or it was the end a few years ago
And there´s nothing I can do about it
I can never change what happen even if I want to so bad
I want you here with me
I wanna talk to you about every thought in my head
But I can´t do that because you´re gone
If I could have one wish that would be my wish
I wouldn´t ask for more ever again
You where a true person in my life
That´s my only wish now and forever

Postat av: Sofia&Isabella

sv: det finns what happens in vegas, den är bra! men den har du säkert redan sett :) tänkte rekommendera killers med men såg nyss att du redan hade sett den.

2011-01-07 @ 22:38:29

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