Feel the sadness burning in my heart
You left my life too early
So many things I should have said
But in my mind I knew the words so well that I want to tell you every day
Holding on to what I´ve got and love
But things still seems so dark and cold
The fire is burning down my happiness
But I will rise sometime

Are someone watching over me with eagle eyes?
You gave me freedom to a life
Where dreams are born and truly become real
See me falling down and lonely
Are the angels on their way?
I´m in the dirt
Hear me screaming see me bleeding
Cause the day´s no more the same without you
Together we can make it trough the day
Postat av: frida

Finfin blogg! :)

2011-01-16 @ 18:02:10
URL: http://frios.blogg.se/

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