It´s always been so hard too say goodbye to you.

Everytime I close my eyes
You´re all that I see
I hold you in my heart
And you don´t even know it
But you don´t watching over me

Wanna stand by your side
Trough all the good and the hard times
When I do it feels like I can fly
If I could be half the person you are in my eyes

And I could face the darkest day
And fight the tears and pain inside
I can´t turn the page or hold back the time
It´s too hard to say goodbye to you

From you I learnt it all
You would never let me fall
Love won´t come undone

There will come one day I´ll have to walk alone
And I´ll have to make it on my own
You thought me all there is to know
I don´t wanna let you go
Just can´t say goodbye to you.
You´re importent to me..

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