Without you I´m just lost

I thought I had all the answers to all my questions
Never giving in
But since you´re gone
I can´t admit that I was wrong
I´m not gonna lie
How am I gonna be strong without you?
I need you by my side
Don´t know what I´d do
I´m lost without you
I keep trying to find my way but all I know is
I´m lost without you.
Keep trying to face the day
How am I ever gonna get rid of these blues?
I´m so lonely all the time
Everywhere I go I get so confused
You´re the only thing that´s on my mind
My bed´s so cold at night
I miss you more each day
Only you can make it right
No I´m not too proud to say
If I could only hold you now.
You make the pain just go away
Can´t stop the tears from running down my face.

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