Losing my mind..

It's getting hard to sleep.
Getting hard to think about much these days.
'Cause everywhere I go.
The only thing I see is your glowing face.
And the way you light up every room you walk into.
It just makes me want to scream.

I never thought I'd say I could go insane.
Until I saw your beautiful eyes.
And I had to take another look to know for sure.
That you could be for real.
You found a empty space in my heart.
There's something about the way you move.
Every little single thing you do is like.
One part angel and one part danger.

You got me losing my mind.
Can't understand why you got me so far gone.
You're gonna have to look me up before too long.
You're get me losing my mind.
Never thought a train going any place could've changed my life so much.

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