Wake up lonely without you by my side one more night it doesn´t feel right.
There are movies playing in my eyes.
dream of our future.
But I´m wrong.
I don´t belong to you.
The moon is my only friend at night.
One more drink and I´ll be healed.
I told you the words and then knew it was a lie.
I wish I could offer an appeal.
I was wrong I don´t belong
No I don´t belong to you.
What I´d give for that first night when you were mine.
Tried with all that I have to keep you alive.
I wasn´t taught this way with a thousand things to say.
I was born with a broken heart.
So I´ll put this cigarette to bed.
Pull some sheets from off your side.
I put my arm around you safe in the night.
Still dreaming of the future.
Then realize I was wrong
I don´t belong
No I don´t belong to you.
( Lite omgjord ifrån originaltexten )

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