Don't let me go

I'm watching myself.
I'm drifting away.
With a vision so dark.
I cannot stay. 
I'm reaching out wide. 
Trying to catch myself, before I fall.
Maybe it's too little too late for that. 
Can you save me? 
Where do I go when I walk on light?
Who can I call at the edge of night?
Please carry me close like the tear drops in your eyes. 
All I can give you is memories.
If you carry them with you and I'll never leave.
I'll lay me head down.
But when I lay my head down. 
Please don't let me go
Hold me in your beating heart
won't let you go.
Forever is not enough.
Let me lay my head down on the shadow by your side
Don't let me go. 
Hold me in your beating heart
So let me freeze the time. 
Before it turns cold. 
The memories go by. 
And life goes on. 
The torturous stars.
Are taking every breath I wish I held.
The love in my heart. 
Is never ending. 
You can't see me.
But you still feel me.
I only live in your memories.
I mean something.
Your everything. 
You lay me down. 
Take me there. 
Please don't let me go
Hold me in your beating heart
I won't let you go.
Forever is not enough.
Let me lay my head down on the shadow by your side
Don't let me go. 
Hold me in your beating heart
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