If these wings can fly

Sunlight comes creeping in.
Illuminates my skin.
watch the day go by.
Memories of all I did.
It made me think of you.

Under a trillion stars.
We danced on top of cars.
Took pictures of the stage.
So far from where we are.
They made me think of you.

Oh lights go down.
In the moment I'm lost and found.
I just wanna be by your side.
If these wings could fly.
Oh damn these walls.
In the moment there ten feet tall.
And you told me after it all.
We'd remember tonight.
For the rest of our lives.

I'm in a foreign state.
My thoughts they slip away.
My words are leaving me.
They caught an aeroplane.
Just from the thought of you.
Because I thought of you.

If these wings could fly.

Oh lights go down.
In the moment I'm lost and found.
I just wanna be by your side.
If these wings could fly.
Oh damn these walls.
In the moment there ten feet tall.
And you told me after it all.
We'd remember tonight.
For the rest of our lives.
( Lite omgjorde ifrån originaltexten ) 

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