Can't Shake you

still change the station every time they play that song.
That reminds me of you.
I can't drive past your house. So I take the long way home.
Your blue shirt still hangin' in my closet.
wish that I could give it away.
Even though you're gone.
Somehow you stay in my heart.

Every other time a love said goodbye I'd just shake it off.
Pour another drink so I don't feel a thing.
I'd just shake it offbreak it off.
I can't erase all your numbers from my phone.
Tried another loverbulit up my walls.
Told myself it's over.
Don't know what else to do I can't shake you.

didn't wanna be here.
But my friends love this place.
I just don't wanna see you.
But I'm still wondering where you are.
And why am I still keepin' the shirt you used to wear.
It's been sitting there for over a year. Even though you left.
You're still here in my heart.
I can't shake you No matter how I try
And I don't know why.
I can't shake you
( Lite omgjord ifrån originaltexten )

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