Crowded hallways are the lonliest places for outcasts and rebels or anyone who just dares to bedifferent.
And I´ve been trying for so long to find where my place is.
But in peoples narrow minds, there´s no room for anyone who dares do to something different.
But I´ll listen for a minute

I´m gonna trust the one who´s been where I am and wishing att it was
Was sticks and stones.
Those words cut deep but they don´t mean I´m all alone.
And I´m not invisible?
Should I hear anyone out?
There´s so much more to life than I´m feeling now?
Someday I´ll look back on all these days and all this pain is it gonna be invisible?

So my confidence is quiet. To them quiet looks like weakness but maybe I don´t have to fight. Am I strong enough to win without the war?
Every heart has a rythm. I´ll let mine beat out so loudly as I can.
So everyone can hear my heart beat I promise.
don´t need to hide it anymore and never be afraid of doing something different.
Dare to be something more.

Those labels that they give just 'cause they don´t understand.
If I look past this moment I´ll see I´ve got a friend.
Waving a flag, for who I am and all I´m gonna do.
Am I not invisible?
I´ll hear you out, is there´s so much to life than what I´m feeling now?
Will I someday look back on all these days and will all the pain be invisible?
It´ll be invisible?

( Lite omgjord ifrån originaltexten )

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