Should I still be here?


I gave away more than I had in the blinding cold.
But I didn't want to.
When the sun went down it didn't return.
Like gasoline on a open flame, light up so bright, then burn away.
If I fall apart, please look the other way.

When all the things I need feels just like a dream.
And every breath breathe feel so hard.

All I want is a reason to hope.
reason to know that I should still be here.
That I still belong to this world.
Maybe just a glimpse of the light, a patch of blue sky.
Just something to believe in.
I just want a good reason to hope.
Want a reason to know that I should not let go.

And it's hard to say times are bad 'cause it's been much worse.
I know that.
From all I've seen, these days are awful hard.
The prays come slow for me at first.
Then the dame broke down, And the rivers surged
And now I'm on my knees, wondering what it's worth?

I said hold up it's all right if you don't seeopen up your eyes
If you're falling down, of course I'll pick you up.

( Lite omgjord ifrån originaltexten )

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