I'm I more than a memory?

I would like you to speak to me.
When you walking closer, you make it hard for me to breathe. 
I wanna run 'cuz me heart's naive.
I don't wanna expect too much.
I have scars that no one else can see.
Now you're here reminding me.
That I lost so much. 
Do you know that every night I wanna say I love you? 
And wish you say it back. 
Are you just gonna be a memory? 
Are you gonna just stand there in front of me? 
Pretending you don't see me? 
I'm I not over you? Are you over me? 
Are we gonna be more than a memory?
Please say my namn
'Cause no one else can say it quite the same. 
It takes me back to the days we had together. 
I've missed you very much.
Well just to think about it breaks my heart in two.
Please stay with me. 
All I wanna do is hear you breathe. 
If words can't speak.
Lay your body next to me.
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