Why do it hurt so bad but still so good?

When you smile at me like a tease
You don´t even know what you doing to me. 
You don´t know my heart skips a beat
Every time you go.
Cuz I hide it so well.
But when you walk into the room.
I can´t speak, can´t even move.
You don´t see me but I wish you would, cuz I see you.
Why you gotta make it hurt so good?
I don´t wanna let yo go out of my head.
We could take it fast or take is slow
Everyday is just a "wish I could". 
Why you gotta make it hurt so good?
But is it too late or too soon
I´m right outside here wanting you.
Why if gotta hurt so good?
Imagine you and imagine me.
Together so happily.
Inside a dream I built with us two in it. 
( Lite omgjord ifrån orignaltexten )

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