Will I ever find healing?

When life has cut too deep and left me hurting.
The future I had hoped for is now burning
And the dreams I held so tight have lost their meaning
And I don't know If I'll ever find healing. 
Am I gonna make it? 
The night can only last for so long.
Whatever I'm facing.
If my heart is breaking. 
Is there's a promise for the ones who just hold on? 
So if I lift up my eyes will I see, the sun is rising? 
Every high and every low I'm gonna go trough.
Are you with me? 
So I don't have to be afraid.
In the moments I'm so weak I feel like stopping. 
Should I let the hope I have light the road I'm walking? 
Even when I can't imagine how. 
How am I gonna find a way out? 
Even when I drown in my doubt. 
All I have to do is just look beyond the clouds.
The sun is rising.

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